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I has been working as a professor at Kyungpook National University, Daegu, KOREA  since 1987.

  Major is insect genetics and breeding.

I started going to the road of the photographer who was a dream for a long time from 2014

 I use analog photography as my main photographic expression method and  use film (color negative and black & white) to take photos, and black & white pictures myself to develop and print. 


I had my first private exhibition in 2016, ‘The Face of the Night, Gyeongju’,  Art Gallery, Daegu, KOREA .

The 2nd exhibition in 2018, ‘Dan la Rue’,  Bongsan Culture Center, Daegu, KOREA  

The 3rd exhibition in 2021  'Autre Art Nouveau' Bongsan Culture Center, Daegu, Korea

The 4th exhibition in 2021  'Inside There' Bongsan Culture Center, Daegu, Korea

2017,  'The 10th Jeonju International Photo Festival', Photo Gallery Nun, Jeonju,Korea. 

2017,  'Reapprearing Memories', Arthelix Gallery, Brooklyn, New York, USA  

2017,  'Meaning and Value'   The 8th Dali International Photography Exhibition' Dali, China.  

2017,  'Reappearing Memories'    Photo Jinju, On Gallery, Jinju, Korea. 

2018,  'Korea and Ukraine contemporary Art Exhibition  2018',  Art Space Akt, Kyiv,  Ukraine 

2019,  'Blind spot', Korea and Ukraine Contemporary Art Exhibition 2019, Odessa Museum, Ukraine 

2020,  'The 4th Pyeongtaek International Photo Festival',  Songtan International Center,  Pyeongtaek, Korea

2020,   'A visual gaze of life beyond the context',  Damyang International Photo Festival,  Damyang, Korea  

2021,  'Georgia 5 person Exhibition'  DCU Gallery, Daegu, Korea

2022,  'Transformation, 2022 Daegu Photo Biennale Special Exhibition'  Daegu Art Center, Daegu, Korea



2016, ‘The Face of the Night, Gyeongju’,  Photodot, Seoul, KOREA 

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